Thursday, 23 March 2017

Last chance for skiing

And I took it!
It has been a winter with very little snow and inconsistent negative degrees this year (as was the case for the last few winters...climate change is at work!), so it hasn't been many chances to go skiing nearby for a day. We managed only one Saturday in Kongsberg.

Which was sad if you ask me, so I planned a skiing weekend in Trysil 😊. And man, I got lucky with the weekend I picked! Saturday was fantastic weather all day, good skiing conditions, sunshine, blue skies...(cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate 😁). Sunday wasn't bad either, a bit more cold, windy and grey but still great.

It was about time to go for one of these, I realized I missed skiing, and I have a new record on the speed test: 68.6 Km/hr (yaaaay!). Very happy me.

On the sewing front, there was also progress. I made that baby romper I was planning and I kinda hate how it turned out, the finish/work isn't neat enough for me to be happy, so to substitute I turned the "Sewing for others" collection to 8 pieces instead of 7 by adding a baby T-shirt to the plan.

I designed this one myself. Started from this pattern →

Then removed the front panel with snaps and the bias binding for neck and armholes, added color panels with flatlock stitching, short sleeves, a letter Z applique, and finished the neckline with rib jersey, and the result is this ↓

And that I'm happy with 😊. Now the baby part of the collection is done. And to be honest, about time. I miss sewing full size things and even more miss sewing for myself 😈

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Some fast days lately

It's amazing how much faster it goes when you're alone at home and have to make your own food! πŸ˜† Or when you get involved in something or other that requires a little bit every day...

My husband has been travelling for work most of last week and most of this week, and although the daily routine hasn't changed, I do spend part of my evening cooking and suddenly evenings are a lot shorter...

I've also joined an Instagram thing called MIY March, basically the organizers post a theme related to sewing everyday and we post a picture on that theme, they select 4 every day and one of those selected on Saturday wins the weekly prize (which is also sewing related items...fabric, patterns, books, vouchers at fabric stores, etc...). So far I haven't been selected, but at least its fun to try.

I continued embroidering in front of the TV on weekday evenings, and did sewing in the weekends, so I've actually made good progress in my planned "Sewing for others" list. The baby shirt and pants are done, as well as the pants from the (romper and pants pair)

Silje finally came to visit yesterday and tried the dress and two skirts I made for her. The skirts fit great...but the dress didn't! 😭 It was a bit too tight...I'll have to try to fix that, but not sure how much I can do...and it'll have to wait after the collection is done (I'm really not in the mood for fixing). But lesson learned: I'm never making her things again without a fitting session or two in the middle!

And this is my hundredth post! Yippiiieee πŸ˜ƒ

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Next plans or "Sewing for others" collection

I mentioned my spring collection in my previous post. However! Some travel plans have changed and therefore the spring collection has to wait.

What I'll start with is the "Sewing for others" collection and if I still have time before travelling I might make something for the vacation I'm travelling to, but we'll see...

The plan is to make a few pieces for my little nephew just because he's cute and I love him πŸ˜„, a jumpsuit for my sister because she really liked mine and wanted one, a shirt for a friend who's impressed by my sewing and just really wants something made by me and I really really hope to finish the Ukrainian embroidered shirt I'm making for my other sister. I have finished embroidering one of the sleeves and started on the second but such works takes a lot of time and patience so again: We'll see...

Here are the planned garments:

The first in line is this cute shirt and pants for Zain (my nephew). I'll use woven cotton with a print for the shirt together with these teddy bear buttons, and dark blue cotton chambray and burnt orange cotton rib jersey for the pants.

The project after will also be for Zain. A body or romper in this light blue jersey with animals on, with edges finished in blue rib jersey and pants in striped rib jersey with a little cute rabbit on a thigh 😊

Then comes a jumpsuit in this floral black jersey for my little sister, with a bit of modification.

The shirt for my friend (or more precisely my sister's friend) will be this one in the picture above made of this gorgeous floral yellow and black poplin with butterfly buttons where they show and simple black ones where they don't. Again, with a bit of modification.

And last something in this spirit for my middle sister, I have the front done, one of the sleeves done, the other has been started, then it's just to sew the pieces together. But will I manage before mid-May?

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The last winter project for 2016/17

I've shared with you a few weeks ago my intentions to sew the last project for this winter and showed some items I considered for the purpose to match a piece of fabric I had available and wanted to use 😊

One of the nominees pushed aside all the others for me when it was released in the January issue of Burda Style magazine. I liked the shape and design details and at the same time, the simplicity of its construction... And the winner is!

My winning model
I did the preparation work before my trip to Cairo: Printed the pattern, cut it, laid it out on the fabric and cut the pieces.
Laid out and ready to cut

And...cut :)


Then of course I discover that my broad collection of threads doesn't have one in a matching color which was important for finishing these two pieces to the left, which delayed any further execution since this was the first step.

I did pay the fabric store a visit on my way to the airport to fly to Egypt and bought the missing color (along with a piece of fabric and a matching thread for that πŸ˜‡)

 I started working on this slowly after my vacation, and it came together rather nicely and without any difficulties or incidents. And believe me that feels really good!
One ruffle --> Into a complete front --> And the sleeves are ready
It turned out as good as I expected it to and the smooth sailing of it was the best way to finish this season's sewing before the challenges of my spring collection...

Here it is 😌 (And as usual more on my projects page)
The finished product

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Some sun can't hurt

Our 7th floor balcony

I'm on vacation!!! Finally 😁! I've been waiting for so long! And now I finally took a week off and flew to Egypt. I'm spending the whole week in Cairo with my family including the new little addition to it, my nephew Zein who is only 1 month old πŸ‘Ά

It's nice getting vitamin D directly from the sun and not from tablets like I have to do in Norway, nice to be able to just sit in the balcony in 20 degrees with the sun in my face, a cup of coffee in hand and the laptop on my lap writing this post.

There are zero plans for this vacation apart from a party on Friday for the new born boy. Which is exactly what I need, some "hermiting" sounds like a great idea right now! (I do have my cross-stitching with me to fill the time when needed).
Miss these two boys
As for sewing, there isn't much that has happened, I didn't start on my last winter project yet, but I did use a couple of hours one evening to make a pair of baby pants for Zein. I did however buy even more fabric, I'm running out of space in my fabric cabinet πŸ˜•, but I have so many projects in mind! My spring/summer wardrobe is already all planned out!πŸ˜‡
Baby pants

But for now and until the end of the week, I'll just chill.
See you again when I'm back in Norway 😘

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Prelude to the last winter project for this season

Most of my autumn/winter 16/17 creations

Yes! Officially this is the last winter project for winter 2016/17. It's been ac active autumn/winter season. I've made myself a coat, two pairs of pants, two tops, a skirt, and a jumpsuit (that I later transformed into pants and a blouse for practicality reasons), I've made Erik a pair of pants and a shirt, I've made a dress and two simple skirts for a friend, I've made a hoodie for Oskar and a jumpsuit for my little new nephew Zein. So I've been damn productive!
The front cross-stitching is done, working on the arms
I've decided that it's about time to finish up the Ukrainian shirt I'm making for my sister, I started it almost two years ago, but cross-stitching does that to me, I finish a part then be so bored that I put the work on the next parts off for some months before I have any will to continue. Now the time has come, and I have the will so it's been my priority (hobby-wise) since the beginning of this year.
The fabric of choice

This shirt is also the reason I'm doing the last sewing project for this year and will probably take a month off sewing. Why not stop here and make the jeans the last project? Because I really liked this pattern and had a fabric I believe will be perfect for it. Below are the patterns I considered for this project, but I'll leave the winner and its making for another post πŸ˜‰
The nominees

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Project jeans - part 2

My original plan for this past week was to catch up on an embroidery project I keep neglecting, and I did do a bit on Monday so I feel a bit better about it. But on Wednesday I got this urge to continue with the jeans.
The waistband is added, and the button is attached

Weekdays normally don't offer a lot of time in the evening for "crafts" so all I managed to do was attach the waistband, but that's also progress. And started buttonhole training. It's almost like every material and thread combination requires repeating the process! But now I think I'm ready ✌

The dreadful button-loops are now in place
On Friday I did it! I made that damned buttonhole, and hammered in the button. And! That was it for Friday πŸ˜†

Saturday: Belt loops! The biggest needle breaker of all times! This poor piece of metal needs to make its way through up to 12 layers of jeans! It went perfectly fine until the last two loop bottoms where hell broke loose and I threw away 4 bent/broken needles before I was done. Now it was only the last step left: hemming. Put the pants on, found out where I want it to be, and did it! Now I'm finished! πŸ’ƒ
 Et voila!
I love my new jeans 😊

Monday, 16 January 2017

Project Jeans

The idea was born as simple as ever: I want new black jeans, I love those flared ones the weather woman on NRK wore, I will make them myself so they fit properly.

The pattern
The M&S purchasing was a bit more challenging:
  • The perfect pattern for the look πŸ‘    (I used Simplicity 8222)
  • Suitable stretchy black denim fabric πŸ‘
  • Fashion decisions...Should I use rivets? (no)...Should I topstitch in a different color? (why not?)...Should I have decorative stitching somewhere? back pockets for example? (mmmnah, keep it simple) πŸ‘
But the most challenging and crucial bit is what comes after. Below is the summary of the first week's progress.

Sunday: I've had the digital pattern for a while...I've also had the fabric for a while...the rest for a shorter while but a while none the less...not unlike me though.
Today I finally got around to printing and assembling the pattern. The pattern is for skinny jeans though and I need to modify it to flares. Not today πŸ˜‡
Materials & Supplies

Thursday: After a few busy evenings, finally got around to modifying the pattern from skinny to flared legs.
Pattern modified from skinny to flared

Friday: Layed the pattern out on the fabric, will cut tomorrow...
Ready for cutting!

Saturday: Good progress today! I cut the pattern pieces out and started sewing, did the coin pocket, front pockets, the zipper and all its relevant bits and the front crotch seam. Let's see how far I get tomorrow 😌
The front is done!

Sunday: More of the good progress today! 😁 The back is assembled (yoke, pockets, center seam) and attached to the front (inner leg seam, side seams).
The back is also done!

What's left now isn't much, but some of it isn't easy as I'll be dealing with a lot of fabric layers, poor Bernina! But that's for a later post.

Monday, 9 January 2017

It's a new year

Taal lake, on the way to the volcano

And a bit over a year since my last post.
I'm not sure why this time of year gets me blogging again, maybe it's the lingering holiday mood, maybe the slightly more relaxed, less busy days. I'm a bit disappointed with myself for not writing
The White beach, Boracay
more, I don't exactly lack things to write about or want to write, but my problem is that "inspiration" hits at times and places when I don't have the means or the time to write. I should start carrying a little notebook...Saying that, I'm not going to quit my day job yet πŸ˜‚

Acropolis, Athens
The past year itself wasn't particularly different, life kinda just nicely went on...We did add a new member to the family, of the feline species, little JJ moved to our house on my birthday after his "daddy" moved to England. That was a nice birthday gift. And although it's not exactly love and peace between him and Otto, it's not war either.

I'm still sewing! Did a lot of that in 2016 as well as a couple of crochet projects and some sporadic
The Louvre, Paris
embroidery, the style has now moved on to more sober and simple pieces as well as more men's clothing for Erik and baby clothing for 3 different babies. I'm also considering to attempt knitting...always fun to learn something new!

LV-11, Rotterdam
I've been to three weddings in three different countries: One of my friends from work in the Philippines which was combined with the best beach vacation ever! One of my friend from university in Malaga where I also tried the beach of famous Costa del Sol even though just for 2-3 hours before flying home, and the last of a childhood friend in Poland also followed by a little city vacation in Prague. And if this travelling wasn't enough, I also did a long weekend in Paris and a week in Egypt including a 3-day trip to the Red sea where hell broke loose and there was the mother of all rain storms (water was leaking into the rooms) for like a day and a half πŸ˜•, a quick stopover in Athens,  then a weekend in Trondheim and Christmas there as well.

The most remarkable event though happened early this year, just a few days ago. I became an aunt!
Munkholmen, Trondheim
My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I'm buying tickets to go meet him next month 😊

I'm hoping the next post is not going to be another year summary, and therefore hopefully see you here soon! Happy New Year!

Monday, 21 December 2015

December mood...or festive feelings

Oskar's present
December comes every year and gives the same feeling. A feeling of goodness, calm happiness (as opposed to excited wo-hoo! type)...In a way a feeling of bliss.
I've been sailing through December in a good mood until now, and given it's only one week til I fly to Cairo to celebrate New Year with my family, it's little that can go wrong here.

There's been a trip to Trondheim in the beginning of the month to meet Erik's family. It was so good to see little Oskar (practically my nephew), he grows fast! And he's the happiest little boy I've ever seen :) If I'm ever to have kids, please God! let them be like him!

Fabric pieces everywhere!

The sewing hasn't stopped in the meantime, I've done my first children's clothes; Oskar got himself a T-shirt (with animals on) and dungarees (with a fox on the pocket matching the animals on his T-shirt). Then I made myself a new top (with sparkly bits to match the season and festivities) :)

Successful shopping
And Last weekend I started working on Erik's new year gift: A winter coat. So I'm inaugurating myself into men's clothing as well... Made very good progress on Saturday and Sunday, then went skiing with a friend on Monday evening (while the snow holds), had team dinner on Tuesday evening (and came home around 23:30), then spent Wednesday evening gift shopping and also came home around 22:00, had a cup of tea, some quality time with Otto and went to bed. So now I have a project half-way and I'm itching to continue on it and finish it, hopefully start today...

A blurry one from Tryvann
I have to say that this has been the most successful Christmas/New year hopping trip I ever had. I managed to buy all the missing gifts and don't spend money on stupid useless things, so now it's just to wrap and carry (and return a gift I ordered online and didn't like that much).

Plans for the next few days is really to take it easy and have a good relaxed time, then fly to Egypt.
Have a good relaxed time you too and Happy Holidays!
Otto got a gift too :D